July 11, 2019

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions for expectant mothers, whilst also being a time during which the body undergoes changes which can cause discomfort – particularly in the final trimester.

All women, including mothers-to-be, have a right to feel their best, which is something our Glasgow spa days can help with. Any woman who is currently pregnant or has ever been pregnant, or even anyone who has ever been there supporting an expecting mother, will understand the challenges faced during pregnancy. The feeling of slowly not fitting into their favourite clothes, not being able to sleep in their favoured position and just feeling generally uncomfortable throughout the day can easily take their toll. Couple that with the very tiring nature of growing a baby, and a lot of mums-to-be could do with a pick-me-up.

For anyone, the opportunity to put aside the usual stresses of everyday life is appealing. To a pregnant woman, the chance to be pampered and taken care of is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Stress Relief

Pregnancy can be equally as stressful as it is beautiful. Not only is the body undergoing enormous changes as it grows another human, but it's likely that expectant parents will also be in the middle of buying everything they need for the arrival of the baby and preparing their home for their new addition. After all, a nursery won't just magically appear overnight!

As well as hormones flying all over the place and cravings taking over, much of the stress involved in pregnancy can come from worrying. Common concerns include whether you are going to make a good parent, wondering what life is going to be like with a child you are responsible for and, of course, the money side of things. Will you manage financially on just one wage?

Studies have shown that the human touch releases the hormone known as oxytocin, which counteracts stress. Massages, of course, rely heavily on human touch. Plus, with an assortment of natural oils and a soothing atmosphere to boot, it’s no wonder why we come away from a massage feeling relaxed and, you might find, ready for a nap, too. As any expectant mother will tell you, naps are incredibly important!

Elemis Peaceful Pregnancy Massage

At Gleddoch, one of the most exciting treatments that we are proud to offer at our Glasgow spa is the Elemis Peaceful Pregnancy Massage which, as you might guess, is specifically tailored to expecting mums. This massage will lull pregnant women into a highly relaxed state, allowing them to lay back and enjoy some much-needed relaxation provided by a highly-trained masseuse.

This sensitive massage will also help to hydrate and moisturise skin, helping to re-energise the body and make for a more youthful appearance. The massage lasts for around an hour, by which time any mother-to-be will be feeling completely relaxed, soothed and revitalised.

Other Treatments

Of course, a mother-to-be can benefit from a wide range of treatments at our Glasgow spa days. There is no reason why you should be limited to just one treatment; we encourage you to make a day of it and, with our luxurious facilities and fantastic team, that is an easy task indeed!

Once you have finished on the massage table, why not treat yourself to a facial where you can enjoy a treatment that lasts anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour? While you might be enjoying the glow that comes with being pregnant (and the fact that your body is producing and circulating 50% more blood around the body during this time) it can leave some women with oily skin. Our range of facials will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

In order to allow all of our guests the best possible opportunity to make a weekend of it, it's worth noting that all of Gleddoch’s spa facilities are open to those staying at the hotel. Complimentary access is available from 3pm on the day of check-in until 11am on your day of departure, so why not book a stay with us in the glorious Scottish countryside and make your Glasgow spa day an extended weekend?

Mother-to-Be Weekends Away

Many expectant parents like to take the opportunity of one last getaway before the baby arrives. Why not allow the team here at Gleddoch to ensure that your last weekend getaway not only meets but exceeds your wildest dreams? This is going to be an exciting time in your life, whether this is your first child, second, third or more, and it is important to ensure you are making time for yourself.

Weekend Getaways to Remember

At Gleddoch, we welcome all types of parties, from couples searching for a romantic break to larger parties simply looking for a good time. We are proud to open our doors to all and look forward to playing a role in making you fall in love with our luxury Glasgow hotel, as well as the picturesque countryside in which we are situated.

With rooms to accommodate all budgets, there's no need to worry when staying at Gleddoch. We understand that your budget may already be stretched as far as it can possibly go as you prepare for your baby's arrival, which is why we offer savings when booked in advance.

For more information on the range of spa treatments we offer or for availability on any of the rooms at Gleddoch, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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