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July 26, 2018

Glasgow is an incredible city, having been established in the early 500s, the city is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom and has an amazing history to explore. From its humble beginnings as a farming village to the sprawling metropolis it is today. The modern-day city of Glasgow covers an area of 68sqr miles with an impressive population of over 600,000 inhabitants.

glasgow-universityHaving been a part of Glasgow since 1925, Gleddoch is proud to be a part of Glasgow’s history, having hosted Real Madrid, with the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Luis Figo when they were crowned European champions in 2002. The hotel itself has undergone numerous changes during this time, including a fire which destroyed most of the original building in 2004, resulting in a rebuild that was completed in 2006. Later, in 2015, as part of a change of ownership and a multi-million-pound refurbishment, Gleddoch House Hotel, as the hotel was known, underwent rebranding to the Gleddoch Hotel, Spa and Golf you know and love today.

Early Years

Aside from growth, not a lot happened in the first few hundred years after Glasgow was founded. Churches and the cathedral were built, the city was devasted in 1153 by Somerled, Lord of Argyll, but managed to recover, flourishing with trades in the 1220s.

In 1451 the University of Glasgow was established by Pope Nicholas V, although did not see huge growth until the start of the 1700s when the student population reached 400. Later in 1718, Glasgow sent their first Glasgow built vessel to America, the start of a long list of boats that would later sail the same route.

The 1800’s saw some immense growth for Glasgow, later named as Scotland’s largest city in 1851 with a population of over 300,000 and the city was famed during this time for the first public park to open across Europe in 1814. It was the end of the 1800s that saw the founding of the biggest Scottish football clubs, Queens Park (1867), Rangers (1872,) and Celtic (1887).

1900s to Modern Day

The early 1900s were quite violent in terms of Glasgow history with a number of demonstrations, riots and strikes carried out but there was plenty to celebrate in the arts too. The opening of the Theatre Royal and the Glasgow School of Art and the formation of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Through the 2000s, Glasgow has been in the news many times, the shocking Glasgow Airport attack, Nelson Mandela’s and the Pope’s visit to the city and the most recent Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow is an extremely impressive city and should definitely be on your list of places to visit and if you are looked for a hotel in Glasgow, the Gleddoch Hotel, Spa and Golf look forward to hosting you! Contact our team on 01475 540 711 for more information on availability.

Gleddoch is an independently owned hotel resort, beautifully located overlooking the Clyde Estuary. Gleddoch boasts 75 bedrooms, an 18 hole championship golf course an elegant banqueting room and a luxury Imperia Spa.

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