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September 19, 2017

The wedding is the most important and memorable day for two people tying the knot and exchanging vows, declaring their love for one and other. Whether your wedding venue is set in the awe-inspiring Scottish countryside in Glasgow, or anywhere else in the world, the setting simply must be perfect.

From small decorations such as candles and bunting to over the top ornaments and encapsulating views, this is the day that everything should fall into place. At Gleddoch, our friendly staff ensures that all arrangements are taken care of and your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible.

Getting Married in Scotland

Scotland is a hotspot for couples wanting to tie the knot in the UK, and it is easy to see why. The setting of gorgeous countryside, or a scenic view overlooking breath-taking mountains at a highland castle, is surely what every bride and groom dream of.

Scotland isn’t short of luxury wedding venuesbut are proud to offer Glasgow’s premier resort at Gleddoch. If you are looking for a picturesque location with stunning landscapes, then there is no place better.

Flower Displays

Flowers and weddings are synonymous. Without flowers, a wedding seems incomplete. Make the venue come alive with stunning displays and arrangements of flowers.

Flower balls are an interesting concept that is growing in popularity in the wedding scene as they are attractive and different. You could opt for a flower wall, maybe with seasonal flowers or a backdrop of flowers, to truly set such a romantic setting.

Balloons and Lanterns

Balloons and lanterns, when done right, add an extra level a class to your wedding day, even when hosted at our luxury wedding venue in Glasgow. Colourful lanterns from the sky or balloon baskets scattered around the venue can look beautiful. Coordinate or contrast with your colour scheme to complete the setting of the big day.

Less is More

Although decoration adds personality to the venue, sometimes keeping it simple will do the trick. Keep the décor to a minimum and let the venue do the talking.

Just by adding simple silk sashes to chairs and using small flower decorations on tables along with simple lighting, you will be surprised at how elegant the finished article will look.

Make your special day even more memorable by staying with by choosing Gleddoch as your luxury wedding venue in GlasgowContact us today for more information.

Gleddoch is an independently owned hotel resort, beautifully located overlooking the Clyde Estuary. Gleddoch boasts 75 bedrooms, an 18 hole championship golf course an elegant banqueting room and a luxury Imperia Spa.

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