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June 10, 2019

We need no reminding as to the importance of taking a step back from the usual rigours of everyday life and indulging ourselves, even just a little bit. Without allowing ourselves to put our feet up and relax, we can easily get bogged down and lose track of what is truly important - which is to do all we can to be happy in life.

At Gleddoch, our spa weekends in Glasgow are the ideal means of finding peace with your inner-self, but there are also plenty of health benefits that come with pampering yourself, too. Guests of all ages can benefit from a spa treatment that will wash any stress away that is beginning to get the better of you, which can also result in a better night’s sleep.

Below are just six health benefits of booking yourself onto a spa day with Gleddoch.


When you come away from a spa, you do so feeling refreshed, relaxed and almost certainly revitalised, ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. There is nothing quite like a pamper session where everything is about you.

Our friendly staff will wait on you hand and foot, making sure that you are comfortable. With a range of massage services available, our Glasgow spa weekends make for the ideal getaway to really indulge in some 'me time'. We guarantee that you will walk back into work on Monday morning feeling like a new man or woman!

Muscular Relief

Muscles become tired when used every day without the opportunity to rest. Even the best athletes still incorporate rest days into their regime as they recognise the importance of allowing their body to recover. While you may not be an elite marathon runner (or maybe you are?), if you are constantly on your feet, then sooner or later, your body will say: enough is enough.

Our spa weekends allow you to rest and recover without so much as lifting a finger. A massage focusing on the affected area(s) can help to free up any tight spots or niggles you might be carrying. For the complete experience, we certainly recommend the Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual – a full two-hour long massage that will revitalise you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Healthier Skin

If your skin is feeling dry, showing signs of ageing or is simply in need of a little extra care, then you will be happy to learn that a spa weekend has the capacity to help with all of the above. Our range of treatments and sensual oils will re-energise your skin.

Without taking care of your skin, you risk suffering from rough and dry skin, blackheads and other skin conditions. Your skin will be allowed to breathe as your body’s circulation is aided by Gleddoch’s team of professional therapists. Let it be known that after your Glasgow spa weekend, you will come away with noticeably healthier, glowing skin.

Better Sleep

Spa treatments are incredibly relaxing, allowing for all of our guests to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep as they retire to bed after a long day of pampering. If you suffer from high blood pressure, our spa treatments can help to relax your body to a more natural and healthy measurement, aiding your sleeping pattern. Additionally, it’s worth noting that a lack of sleep can lead to an increase in blood pressure, so ensuring you get a healthy level of sleep can do wonders for your health.

Taking a dip in the hot tub an hour or two before getting ready to go to bed has also been shown to aid better sleep. As your body temperature returns to normal and drops, you enter an ideal state for sleep, which, if you are staying with us at Gleddoch, means that you can retire to your room for a comfortable night’s rest when you are ready.

Reduced Risk of Headaches

Stress is a common cause of headaches. When things are getting a little too much, taking some time out is essential for your wellbeing, especially if you find yourself suffering from regular headaches. While painkillers help to alleviate the problem for a limited time, there are numerous reasons why stress, or just sheer tiredness, can result in your headaches reappearing.

A weekend at the spa can help to relieve any stress you are suffering from which, in turn, can help with alleviating headaches. Your body’s circulation will be aided by the treatments from our professional therapists, who guarantee that you will come away feeling rested and revitalised.

Increased Concentration Levels

When you are tired, your concentration levels dip which can result in decreased performance at work, as well as potentially becoming a hazard. If you find yourself driving quite often, suffering from a lack of concentration is not only dangerous for you, but for all other road users.

If you are noticeably making mistakes that you otherwise wouldn’t, then perhaps a weekend spa getaway in Glasgow is precisely what you need.

Be sure to visit our spa page today or get in contact with a member of the Gleddoch team today to book yourself in for a spa weekend that is sure to refresh and delight in equal measure.

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