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Based just outside of the city, our Glasgow waxing treatments are completed in luxurious and peaceful settings, perfect for treating yourself or your loved one in a lavish environment. With qualified professionals on-hand, our Imperia Spa is designed to make your time with us as comfortable as possible whilst providing you with treatments of the highest quality.

Our waxing services are no different. Whether it’s women’s or men’s waxing in Glasgow, we are on hand to leave you comfortable and confident after a short stay, assisted by our dedicated staff. With both upper body and lower body wax treatments available, we are here to help you look and feel your best.

Explore our range of options below or get in touch with our team for personalised advice and suggestions. Alternatively, check our spa price list for costs and information.

Upper Body Waxing

Chin (15 mins)

Quick and easy, this service will leave your chin and neck spotless for up to four weeks, varying from person to person.

Lip (15 mins)

Focusing on the lips and face, this wax treatment will leave facial skin smooth and hair-free.

Lip & Chin (30 mins)

Combine our lip and chin treatments for a slight discount.

Eyebrows (15 mins)

Achieve perfect eyebrows with this professional shaping and refining wax treatment.

Underarm (15 mins)

Obtain long-lasting hair-free underarms which will grow back soft and fine. Perfect for anyone seeking a soft and smooth look.

Forearm (30 mins)

Some find forearm hair disconcerting or damaging to their confidence. Remove the hair from this area with our expert waxing treatment.

Full Arm (45 mins)

Leave yourself with completely smooth arms for up to a month with our full arm waxing service.

Lower Body Waxing

Half Leg (30 mins)

This Glasgow leg waxing treatment will focus on the most regularly visible areas of your lower body - your feet up to just above your knees. This should provide you with smooth calves, perfect for showing off in skirts or longer shorts.

Full Leg (60 mins)

For a complete Glasgow leg waxing service, this full treatment will leave you spotless. Completely hair-free from the thighs down, you should be comfortable in shorts of all lengths, dresses and skirts.

Bikini Wax (30 mins)

If you’re planning on wearing swimwear in the near future, the bikini wax will remove hair up to the edge of your underwear to ensure you’re confidence whilst on the beach. Offering weeks of hair removal, you can feel relaxed knowing that whether you’re going on a month-long holiday or just a quick weekend break, you’ll always be ready for the water.

Brazilian Wax (45 mins)

Our Brazilian waxing treatment is designed to leave you all but bare down below, leaving a single ‘landing strip’ or triangle of hair on top of your pubic bone. The shape and size of the hair left is entirely up to you, our specialists will work around your preferences. Note that this treatment is quite intimate which can be surprising or disconcerting for first-timers.

Intimate/Hollywood Wax (60 mins)

Extending beyond the Brazilian treatment, our intimate waxing in Glasgow is suitable for men and women alike. Much like the Brazilian Wax, this service removes all hair but also includes the area usually left untouched on top of the pubic bone. In short, this Intimate Wax is a complete hair removal with nothing left at all.

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